Why You Should Have a Doula

Doulas are every pregnant woman’s best friend (next to their best friend, of course). They are by your side for every step of the childbirth journey and months before. They’re there to talk to, to confide in. They understand what you’re experiencing and support and guide you through the process. Doulas are awesome!

This article from Mama Natural describes doulas in detail, including what they do, the benefits of having one, how they differ from a midwife, how much they cost, and where you can find one.

Doulas are especially great if you’re planning a natural home birth, but you can have a doula with you for a hospital birth as well. They’re there to boost your confidence and help you have the smoothest delivery possible.

Your doula will work with you, your partner, and your midwife (if you have one) as your pregnancy and birth support team. The doula specializes in emotional support, and they’re great at mothering mothers!

Read the full article here: Birth Doula: Everything You Need To Know About This Birthing Angel

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