Underprivileged Schools

It may not be a magnet school or a niche school, or a private school or a public school where scores are higher, but it’s really about the type of support and attention from the concerned parents that nurture and create the school.

One mother sends her children to a local school, where the test scores aren’t the greatest and many of the parents they talked with have withdrew their children from the school, sending them off to “better” schools in the area.

To the mother’s surprise, her daughters weren’t anxious attending the local, underprivileged school. Instead, they felt like they were at home, because it was the local kids that would attend the same school as them (over 50% of the kindergartners were from the neighborhood). The mother also explains her role as a parent connecting with the school, as well as the local parents that make up the parent teacher community.

It’s truly nice to see parents giving to the community, and the community giving back; it’s a win-win scenario, one that should be a guideline for all local schools across the nation.
Because of this great experience and insight, this is why one mother chose: An Underprivileged Local School

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