Top 5 Apps for Kids!

Meet the experts: children often find tablets more instinctive than adults.

There are loads of apps out there for kids and more coming all the time.  Here’s a short list of some great ones that you can let your kids use and not feel too guilty about.  

  1. Stack the States – Google Play Store, iTunes App Store

While there is always a strong case for the tactile feedback of a good old fashioned wooden toy, don’t scoff at the power of great educational app.  They can house tons a great, educational information that can teach your kids in fun and engaging ways.  Stack the States is a fun and educational app focused on United States geography.  It’s a little advanced and geared for bigger kids, but well worth a look.

  1.  Toca Lab – Google Play Store, iTunes App Store

Ok, let’s set it straight for the outset; everything by Toca Boca AB is awesome.  We’ve chosen Toca Lab as our pick because science is awesome, but you’d be hard pressed to go wrong with and of the Toca games.  They are all good natured, fun-for-all ages games with positive vibes and fun graphics.  Some are more educational than others; Toca Labs will introduce your kid to all 118 elements on the periodic table.  So pick the one (or many), that suits you best.

  1.  PBS Parents Play & Learn (Download Webpage)

Though not exceedingly popular, this app offers some nice, bilingual games and a host of activities and stickers for kids to play with.  The latest update touts triple the content and games designed for parents to play with their kids.  With age-based games and a focus on math and literacy, PBS is dedicated to making an app that reflects their focus on child education that has been the hallmark of the network for decades.

  1.  PBS KIDS Video – Google Play Store, iTunes App Store

As the debate continues to rage about kids and screen time, I’m going to go way out on a limb and say the quality and nature of programming combined with monitored and metered viewing are somewhat important.  The shows in this app aren’t going to be violent and crude, because it’s PBS and you can trust them.

  1.  Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night – Google Play Store, iTunes App Store

If you loved Mister Roger’s Neighborhood as kid, then Daniel Tiger will hit you right in the feels as it’s an animated series that takes place in his Neighborhood of Make-Believe.  The show is great and this app aims to supplement the series with fun games, sing alongs and a timer for morning and bedtime routines just like Daniel Tiger uses.

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