Top 14 Apps for Parents!


Mobile devices are powerful, versatile tools that can be a real help to both parents and kids.  We’ve compiled some of our favorite applications for you to peruse.  So take a look and let us know what you think in the comments.  We’re pretty proud of ourselves!

   1.   Sprout – Google Play Store, iTunes App Store

Sprout Pregnancy Essentials is an all-in-one application to take you from inception through infancy.  Touting features such as a visual pregnancy timeline, doctor visit planner and hospital bag checklist, this app will give you or remind you about everything you need to do to have the best possible gestation and delivery experience, especially as a first time parent.

   2.   Cozi – Google Play Store, iTunes App Store

If Sprout brings you and your baby together, Cozi will help you manage everything thereafter… even if you have another… and another.  With features like family calendars, recipe boxes and even journals, Cozi makes an amazing family organization app to mitigate the mayhem by keeping all your family members up to speed.

   3.   Mosaic Photo Books – Google Play Store, iTunes App Store

While the recent advances in mobile technology has made taking and storing photos a breeze, there’s still a lot to be said for a physical medium in which to view them.  Mosaic makes it easy to merge the two schools of thought by providing an easy-to-use app for you to choose 20 of your favorite photos.  They’ll then assemble a high quality photo album for you for $25.  This makes for an easy, yet thoughtful gift for a long distant family member, or just something nice for your coffee table at home.

   4.   White Noise, by TMSOFT – Google Play Store, iTunes App Store

A good white noise app can go a long way when trying to get baby to sleep while on the road or if there’s some unexpected construction going on in the neighborhood.  This is one of the best rated white noise apps across both of the major app markets.  We’ve linked here to the free version, but there is also a paid version with more features.  Sleep tight!

   5.   WebMD Baby – Google Play Store, iTunes App Store

While this app does feature a lot of great organizational features you may be able to find elsewhere, it also has hundreds of searchable, medically approved articles for you.  The app will also provide customized alerts for you based on your child’s gender, height, weight and age through the first two years of his or her life.  It a good resource, especially for new parents.

   6.   Duolingo – Google Play Store, iTunes App Store

This app is rated 4+ and is touted as one of the best language learning apps on the market.  And guess what? It’s free!  That’s right, it was started at Carnegie Mellon University by Luis von Ahn courtesy of the MacArthur fellowship and grant from the National Science Foundation.  This is a valuable resource created by some smart, philanthropically minded people and since it’s free, there’s no reason not to use it.  Happy learning!

   7.   Sit or Squat – Google Play Store, iTunes App Store

This app is pretty clutch for anyone on the go with a baby who needs a changing station.  By the lovely people at Charmin (yes, the toilet paper company), Sit or Squat will surface user reviews of local restrooms and tell you which ones are kid friendly and whether or not they are well maintained.  I’m told that it can even make a handy tool when planning a night on the town, but that is just heresay.

   8.   Canvsly – iTunes App Store

If you’ve ever battle with your significant other as to why he or she is keeping every wild Jackson Pollock-esque “art” piece made my your child, Canvsly aims to create a compromise.  If you want to preserve the art. but could envision it looking better on a mug or in a book, Canvsly may be for you.  You’ll upload your art image and select what type of product you want it printed on.  Simple. Brilliant.

   9.   ShopSavvy – Google Play Store, iTunes App Store

Instead of just checking against Amazon when out shopping, ShopSavvy will check against many online and local retailers and try to get you the best price available on whatever product you’re looking at just by scanning the barcode.  As you may well know, shopping for a family becomes a whole new level of expense after children.  ShopSavvy is here to help you save!

   10.   Key Ring: Cards Coupon & Sales – Google Play Store, iTunes App Store

While we’re talking about savings, Key Ring: Cards Coupon & Sales is an app designed to consolidate your loyalty cards to stores and provide you with new and relevant sales that are happening all around the web and your area.  All your info is backed up on the cloud and attached to your Key Ring account so there is no chance you’ll lose all your hard earned rewards if your phone gets lost.

   11.   Paprika – Google Play Store, iTunes App Store

One look at the reviews for this app and you’ll start to appreciate the $5 price tag.  This recipe manager app is cross-compatible across phone, tablet and web.  It seamlessly integrates with all three and when browsing the web for recipes, will offer to pull the data from any site you are looking at with the click of a button.  Pretty amazing!  If you’re serious about feeding your family home cooked meals and looking to create a cookbook for a modern age, check out Paprika ASAP!

   12.   Google Photos – Google Play Store, iTunes App Store

The app that was formerly bundled in with Google+ has untethered itself and is realizing its full potential as a stand alone service.  While there are a few services out there that will auto-backup your photos to the cloud for you, none of them are as beautiful to look at or possess the freakishly cool searching tools that Google as has developed for this app.  Check it out.  It takes the stress out of organizing and preserving your photos and will occasionally create neat little “stories” of your trips if you enable all the geotagging features.

   13.   Find My Kids  (iTunes App Store) and GPS Phone Tracker Pro (Google Play Store)

If your kids are of phone using age, which is younger and younger these days, you may be tempted to equip it with one of these handy GPS tracking devices to keep up with their location. These apps can also be handy for locating your whole family network and checking on when people are in transit or how close they are to home.

Find My Kids has the ability to create geofences to alert you if someone has left a pre designated safe zone.  GPS Phone Tracker Pro has a dedicated website that you can use to find a lost device if needed.  While these apps are geared towards parents with bigger kids, there are some pretty diverse use cases for apps like these if you’re so inclined.

   14.   IP Cam Remote – Google Play Store, CamViewer for IP Webcams – iTunes App Store

There are a lot of dedicated baby monitoring devices on the market, but with a little research and some patience, one can quickly achieve similar, arguably better, results with a simple IP camera and these nifty apps that make viewing easy from any device.  Just set up your camera (here’s a cheap one that we can vouch for), configure the IP camera on your PC or laptop and then fill in the appropriate application with the fields from the configuration process.  IP cams are great because you can even set them up to work of your wireless network when you’re out of the house.

So, those are some of our favorite apps and features.  What are yours?!  Let us know what you think of our list or anything you think we missed in the comments.

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