This is why parents can’t have nice things


We love our children, but unfortunately they have a habit of exploring their world in a very destructive way. Maybe it’s an effort to figure out how things work, or maybe they’re scheming to see just how much they can get away with! In any case, this post at the Baby Center features 14 photos of perfectly good things ruined by child hands.

Most parents will understand the frustration of finding a favorite possession broken (or puked on), but how about the aftermath of a child attempting to scramble eggs on the couch? A marker in the hands of almost any young child is asking for trouble. What would you do if you found your puppy decorated with pretty purple stripes?

Kids also love to hide things. While your couch cushions are certainly home to a variety of objects, make sure to always check inside your oven before turning it on. If you like the retro scene and still own a VCR, make sure it hasn’t become home to last year’s Halloween candy!

Read the full article here: 14 hilarious pictures of stuff ruined by kids

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