Things You Probably Do While Pregnant

When you become pregnant, you embark on a new journey. Your future will soon be full of diapers and scattered sleep and you might have an idea of what to expect, but your life starts changing now. Take comfort in knowing you’re far from alone. These common pregnancy “symptoms” are shared by most expectant mothers!

This entertaining list at Babble features 22 things pregnant women do that you probably have or will too! Things like making sure no one thinks you’re fat by rubbing your hands on your belly or announcing your pregnancy to every random stranger that tosses you a glance, and excusing yourself to pee to the point of annoying the people you’re with.

Pregnancy also has perks, like being able to blame pregnancy brain when you’re forgetful, and taking naps and everyone totally understands it’s because you’re exhausted from baby making (which you are, but you might have been up until 2 AM watching movies too).

For more, read the full article here: 22 Things Pregnant Women Do

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