Theater Kids

At what age do you bring a child to the theater? No, I’m not talking about plays- which are obviously going to be later- but when do you bring them to the movies? Some say wait until they’re older, while others bring infants into theaters (please, don’t).

Well, it’s really a matter of context. If you know you’re kid can watch a movie at home without getting up a million times and screaming, they might be ready. Some kids can be ready as young as early as three years old. But context matters too. If you’re going to a kid’s or family movie you can expect that there’s going to be a lot of like-minded people around who, if your child does fuss a bit, will probably understand. There isn’t really a perfect age. My parents wouldn’t take me until I was five- I was way too active- and even at five I still climbed the seats (and pointed out plot holes).

For more on this, including one parent’s plans, see here: Is It Sane?

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