The Dangers of Pregnancy

The world can be a dangerous place for a pregnant woman, and not just when it comes to personal safety for you and your growing baby. Shopping days at the mall and all-you-can eat buffets no longer have the same charm when you’re pregnant, but at least you don’t have to clean the litter box!

This slightly tongue-in-cheek post from Maman Loup’s Den highlights four dangers that are best avoided by pregnant ladies. Malls are no longer fun shopping escapes when you realize all the clothes you want to buy won’t fit you until they’re out of style, so it’s all a big tease. All you can eat sushi used to be fun, but with baby taking up more room how likely is it that you’ll be able to eat your money’s worth?

You can forget about winter sports, too. Falling is one danger, but removing snow gear when you have to pee every half hour is too much work. Still, it’s better than the alternative – wet, uncomfortable snow pants.

One real concern is toxoplasmosis, so you can at least get a little respite from cat poop duty. You’ll make up for that with baby later!

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