Cheer on moms with free stickers!

When you’re a mother, your world is full of worry, uncertainty and stress. You want to do everything right and you question things far more than you probably should. Sometimes a quick, reassuring note is all you need to pick yourself up and understand you’re doing a fine job, and that’s why Sarah Wells developed […]

Adults can use baby products too!

Using items outside of their intended purpose is nothing new, but it can be enlightening! When your family size increases and money gets tight, it’s also a great time to get creative. This article from the Baby Center lists a bunch of traditional baby products that have alternative uses adults can benefit from, like the […]

Baby’s first handprint and footprint crafts

Kids grow up fast, which is why creating keepsakes from their early childhood is so endearing. They quickly become treasured possessions full of memories. This great post from the Baby Center features a bunch of different crafts you can make with your baby’s beautiful little hand and foot prints. Keep them for yourself or give […]

Get inspired by this super cute, girly nursery design!

Designing a nursery can be really fun, and part of the process is gathering inspiration! This nursery featured at Project Nursery is absolutely adorable. Pretty pastel stripes and shiny metallic butterflies grace the walls, and a glowing bunny night light is the perfect accessory. I love how the thin silver stripes add depth to the […]

Annoying things strangers say when they see you with children

When you have children, well meaning strangers sometimes say some really annoying things (that you probably hear repeatedly). In this article from Better Female, the author recounts five unwarranted comments she’s received from strangers about her two young kids. Not only are they annoying, but they came about when her children were behaving well!