Give yourself a LUSH Mother’s Day gift!

LUSH products are appropriately named, as any fan can tell you. The company is focused on sustainable green practices and is totally against animal testing. They have a bunch of special products featured for Mother’s Day including fizzy bath bombs that smell amazing, awesome shower gel and super skin moisturizer! Read the full article here: […]

Cozy mattress protector pad review

Babies sleep a lot. When they’re not eating, pooping, or crying, they’re probably sleeping. It’s important that their bed is comfortable and clean, so a mattress protector pad is a good idea. Many are stiff with plastic fibers that are easy to clean, but Universal Comfy Co. offers a soft mattress protector pad made of […]

Adorable amber teething necklace review

Dealing with a teething baby can be stressful and there are a variety of remedies available to help your little one deal with the process of growing teeth. Babies love to chew on things, and it’s widely thought that amber has certain properties that can alleviate some of your baby’s discomfort. Frugally Green Mom reviews […]

Stroller organization made easy

Leaving the house with your baby is often a big ordeal because of all the stuff that needs to come with you. Keeping it all organized is necessary to keep you sane. The Stroller Organizer by Spark and Bee is a handy way to keep track of your most important items while out on the […]

Brands made for nursing mothers

Nursing a baby is a lot of work, but so worth it. This article from the Nap Time Reviewer features products especially made for breastfeeding mothers to make your life a little easier. They feature everything from nursing bras to postnatal vitamins, and even ice cube trays made especially for breast milk. Convenient! The dress […]

Bibs and teethers, together at last!

What do you get when you combine a baby bib with a teething toy? Awesome, that’s what! This article from Project Nursery features a genius baby accessory that moms and babies with both appreciate – the Neckerchew. It helps keep your baby clean at dinner time and gives her something to soothe aching gums while […]

Spring is here – bring on the bugs!

Spring has sprung in many places across the U.S., and you know what warm weather means – mosquitoes! Nothing ruins a picnic by a lake or a woodsy camping trip like a swarm of biting insects, but repellents often contain harmful chemicals. What’s a natural mom to do? This article from Organic Sunshine offers a […]