Doulas, doulas for everyone!

Doulas are incredible people. They help you through every step of the pregnancy and make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. They act as communicators between you and the doctors and midwives during the birth. They instruct your partner on how to help you, and they keep you sane. Check out this wonderful write-up […]

Pregnancy and Viral Videos

Nothing is private anymore with all that technology has brought upon us and that also includes pregnancy. Now I’m not talking about the graphic videos shown to us to health class, I’m talking about the ones made for a laugh and meant to put a smile on our face. I find these videos, or parodies, to […]

Let’s Talk Pregnancy

Pregnancy is both a beautiful and scary thing to think about. It comes with a lot of responsibility since you have another life to consider. With this comes stress and stress is not a pleasant friend to have around you when your body is going through numerous changes. Don’t worry! If you end up not […]

Eating Well While Pregnant

Sometimes being pregnant not only means craving dessert, or sand (don’t believe me? Google it!). Pregnancy also means taking care of that little special girl or guy inside of us, hence supplying and nourishing our body with the utmost important nutrients and vitamins. Certainly, folates, omega-3 fats, and fiber play an exquisite role in everyday […]