Accepting and dealing with postpartum depression

There shouldn’t be shame associated with any mental illness, but when you’re suffering from one the feeling can be overwhelming. You may wonder why or how it could happen to you, cursing the world for losing control of your emotions, but you’re far from alone. Postpartum depression affects many mothers, and accepting that you have it is the first stage in overcoming it.

New in-vitro fertilization technique makes a baby with three parents

Recently a controversial in-vitro fertilization technique has been approved in the UK that allows babies to be born with DNA from three parents in order to avoid passing down inheritable mitochondrial diseases. The babies born carry DNA from a second female in addition to the father and mother. The procedure is an option for women […]

Morning sickness plus early contractions = not fun!

Morning sickness is probably the least fun thing about having a baby (okay, maybe second to childbirth). About half of all pregnant women suffer from the condition, but mom Beth Robinson experienced not only unrelenting nausea, but strong early contractions as well! She gives some tips for dealing with both issues in her post at […]

Perfect Valentines for Pregnant Women

When you’re pregnant you are riding an emotional and physical roller-coaster. Valentine’s Day is a day typically devoted to romantic love, but you might not be in the most passionate of moods if you’re heavy with child. These valentines from the Pregnant Chicken are the perfect way to show a pregnant woman how awesome and […]

Where to find larger sized nursing bras

If you’re a large-chested lady, finding regular bras can be difficult, let alone nursing bras! Lucky for you this post at the Pregnant Chicken has a fantastic list of a variety of companies that cater to women of ample proportions. Many of the bras are also stylish and pretty, though function and comfort obviously take […]

Pregnant? Here’s what you need to know about caffeine

Caffeine is a way of life for some moms, and maybe you can’t imagine getting through your day without it. However, there is some evidence that suggests that too much caffeine during the first trimester of pregnancy could result in a miscarriage. More research still has to be done, but so far studies show that […]

The perfect pillow for nursing moms

Nursing a baby can be very strenuous, and it’s especially hard on your back, neck, and shoulders. Having a way to prop your child up in a more comfortable position can be a life saver, and that’s where nursing pillows come in handy. The Born Free Bliss Nursing Pillow is perfect for the job. It’s […]