How to endure bed rest before baby is born

Being told you have to stay in the hospital on bed rest until your baby is born is a nightmare situation, but unfortunately it happens and sometimes it feels like there’s nothing you can do but follow your doctor’s guidance. This comprehensive article featured at the Pregnant Chicken is full of helpful suggestions from a […]

Pregnancy advice from women who’ve been there

Experiencing pregnancy for the first time is overwhelming, especially considering the sheer amount of information that’s available. This great article from Babble lists 18 bits of knowledge and advice from mothers who’ve been exactly where you are. Some of it’s fun, some of it’s horrible, and some of it is completely magical. There’s no way […]

This is how you know your pregnant belly is huge

Your body experiences some pretty dramatic changes when you’re pregnant, and for most women the most notable change is your big protruding belly. This entertaining article from Baby Center lists 23 funny and totally accurate ways you know your baby bump is absolutely enormous! If you’ve ever dropped something and decided it was too much […]

Blind Mom Able to “See” 3D-Printed Ultrasound of Her Baby

Technology has accomplished some seriously amazing things, and 3D printing technology is opening up a new world of opportunities across a wide variety of fields. In this incredible video, a blind mother is given the chance to “see” her baby in the womb by touching a 3D printed image of her ultrasound. Her emotions are raw and beautiful!