Mother of twelve offers valuable parenting advice

If you think you have your hands full with your kid(s), imagine raising twelve of them! Varda Epstein has a lot of experience, and she’s shared some wonderful words of wisdom for all mothers out there in this post at the Baby Center! You’ll read how it doesn’t really matter how your dress your child, […]

The dangers of children’s toothpaste

Traditionally consumers have had a lot of trust in product regulations that determine what goes on store shelves, but now people are more aware of what actually goes into the things we use and consume and are realizing they’re not as safe as we thought. As a mom it’s especially important to monitor labels and know exactly what’s in food and products our children use, and unfortunately many toothpastes targeted toward kids could be toxic and dangerous.

Is Babywearing Right for Me?

Babywearing isn’t just a new parenting fad. People having been carrying their children close to them for centuries and continue to do so around the world. Baby carrying also has a variety of benefits for you and your child. While there can be a learning curve when first starting out, there are a few different babywearing options you can test to find one that works for you.

Goodnight Lad – The New Age of Children’s Books

Technology is part of almost every aspect of our lives – we’re living in a future our grandparents could only dream of. Now our children are being introduced to technology at younger ages. The book and app combination Goodnight Lad has taken the bedtime story reading experience to an entirely new level with interactive, animated augmented reality. Incredible!

Make unique baby hand and footprint valentines for free

Valentine’s Day might be focused on romance and chocolates, but you can include your baby in the celebration of love too! These handprint and footprint Valentine’s Day cards are super cute, and you can print them for free over at Easy Green Mom! All you need is a printer, some sturdy card stock paper, some […]