More hilarious honest moments shared by parents on twitter

Parenting is a full time job with no pay and no real instructions. Obviously no parent is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, and usually they’re innocuous to laugh about later. An entertaining sequel to “The Big Book of Parenting Tweets” has recently been published, accurately titled “The Bigger Book of Parenting Tweets.” You’re sure to […]

Top Tips for First Time Parents

Having a baby changes your life in a monumental way, and it’s a lot of hard work. When you bring your baby home you’re not given any kind of instruction manual, and you’ll probably be worrying about everything. Take a deep breath! You can do this, and these tips can help.

This is Your Life as a Brand New Mom

Congrats, you’re a brand new mom! Pregnancy was a roller coaster, but there are many more dips and turns to come now that baby is here. You know you’re going to be changing a lot of diapers and you’re looking forward to taking adorable baby pictures, but there’s so much more to the experience that you can never prepare for!

When baby arrives, other things need to go

Having a baby is a life changing experience. It can be especially difficult if you’re the kind of person who likes to have their hands in a lot of pies. Some of your pursuits will have to drop to the side, at least for a while. In this fabulous article at Babble, Anna Lind Thomas […]

Babies are Like Cake

Babies are precious, beautiful beings that need our love and constant attention, but they’re also incredibly difficult and exhausting to care for. Sometimes well meaning people will remind you to cherish even the tough moments while you can because kids grow up too fast, but when you’ve been “living the dream” nonstop it just doesn’t work that way.