Homeschooling: Is It the Right Choice?

Are you considering homeschooling your child (or children) but want a little more information before taking the dive? There are a lot of things to consider when debating the idea of going through with it or not, such as social interactions among children and its effects on child development. Don’t let what other people say decide your child’s […]

Unruly Kids

It’s that time again. Whenever they don’t get what they want, our children start throwing tantrums. You know you have to put the boot down and say “no”, but instead you say, “just this once won’t hurt”. Wrong! That’ll just teach your child that if they throw enough of a tantrum, they’ll get what they […]

First-Kid-Second-Kid Expert

When we have our first child, we spend every minute to try and find the best items for them, from the shoes they wear to the food they eat. By our second child, we soon realize that what we get for our child won’t be used very long since they grow up fast. Here are […]

Baby On Boob

Sometimes we get this romanticized idea of the bonding that happens between mother and baby while breast feeding. It’s beautiful isn’t it? Here, you two connect and- wait, what’s that baby doing? What?! Yes babies can do crazy things while on the boob- things that make no sense whatsoever and can be cute, funny, or […]

Two Year Old Anxiety- One Take

Big moments in your life, a new baby or moving for example, can mean a lot of anxiety for your toddler- which could lead to some problems. Bedtime regression, for instance. If you toddler was great about bed time then suddenly stopped and cries a lot more there may be something else going on. See […]

What Not To Say To Toddlers

A lot of things we may say every day to our toddlers could be setting us up for some pretty bad parenting fails. Time out, for example, can be one of the worst way to discipline. Why? Well, these kids don’t understand why what they did is wrong, so if you’re going to send them […]