Get inspired by this super cute, girly nursery design!

Designing a nursery can be really fun, and part of the process is gathering inspiration! This nursery featured at Project Nursery is absolutely adorable. Pretty pastel stripes and shiny metallic butterflies grace the walls, and a glowing bunny night light is the perfect accessory. I love how the thin silver stripes add depth to the […]

Annoying things strangers say when they see you with children

When you have children, well meaning strangers sometimes say some really annoying things (that you probably hear repeatedly). In this article from Better Female, the author recounts five unwarranted comments she’s received from strangers about her two young kids. Not only are they annoying, but they came about when her children were behaving well!

These nurseries are pretty in pink

While there’s been a movement toward neutral, non-gender stereotyping nursery decor, there’s no way around it – girls and pink just go together. Pink is a classic nursery color, but it has evolved and changed over the years. Subtle shades of blush pink are in! This post at Project Nursery features some beautiful photos of […]

These constellation-themed items are nursery perfect

The night sky evokes a natural sense of awe and wonder, which makes it perfect for a nursery theme. These fun finds at Project Nursery would look lovely as part of a space-themed baby room. I love the lamp with stars that glow brighter through the shade, and stellar wall art is beautiful and simple. […]

Is Babywearing Right for Me?

Babywearing isn’t just a new parenting fad. People having been carrying their children close to them for centuries and continue to do so around the world. Baby carrying also has a variety of benefits for you and your child. While there can be a learning curve when first starting out, there are a few different babywearing options you can test to find one that works for you.

Handy tips and ideas for organizing your nursery

New mothers are often overwhelmed with the amount of baby items they accumulate during their first year, and organizing all that stuff can be challenging! Check out these tips to keep every book and onesie in its place. Organizing clothing by size or age in individual boxes inside a dresser drawer is a fantastic idea. […]

The perfect pillow for nursing moms

Nursing a baby can be very strenuous, and it’s especially hard on your back, neck, and shoulders. Having a way to prop your child up in a more comfortable position can be a life saver, and that’s where nursing pillows come in handy. The Born Free Bliss Nursing Pillow is perfect for the job. It’s […]

These babies have no idea how cute they are when they’re sleeping

When kids aren’t crying or laughing or running around squealing like piglets, they’re snoozing. That’s why sleeping babies are so beautiful – it’s a huge contrast! Check out these adorable photos of babies who have fallen asleep in the strangest positions. Some of them have me wondering how that’s even remotely comfortable, while others are […]