Keep your kids healthy with these tips

Kids get sick – it’s a fact of life! However there are several steps you can take to help them recover faster and prevent illness in the future. This article from Product Review Mom features six great tips to keep your family healthy and happy including washing your hands, dental care from a young age, […]

Baby weight, schmaby weight

After giving birth, some women have the miraculous ability to shrink back to their pre-pregnancy size in a matter of months. The secret is probably biological, and if you’re stuck feeling sorry for yourself and aren’t too happy with your softer side (and back, and front), you have to read this post by Anna Lind […]

Yes, you can regain your tummy muscles after birth!

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, but it does a number on your body. Your abdominal muscles stretch and separate to accommodate the growing baby, and sometimes that muscle separation is pretty serious and may require surgery. This post from Organic Sunshine offers a less invasive option – the Abdominal Connections program. Read the full article […]

Starting Solid Foods

You might be a little nervous when you first begin, but starting your baby on solid foods can be a lot of fun! If it’s your first time on this adventure, you probably have all kinds of questions. You want to know when your baby will be ready for solid food, what foods to try and what to avoid, and maybe even how to prevent dinner time from turning into a huge mess!

Clean green with these DIY options

Even if you strive to be an eco-friendly mom, it may surprise you to know there is a DIY organic cleaning solution to clean every surface in your home! So many store-bought cleaners contain harsh chemicals, but household products like baking soda, vinegar, and tea tree oil can do the job just as well! Read […]

How to Battle the Flu While Pregnant

No one likes being sick, but getting the flu during pregnancy can potentially be dangerous. Even though the flu virus cannot infect your baby directly, if you’re suffering from the flu and experience a high temperature your baby could suffer neural tube defects, oral clefts, and heart defects – scary stuff! Not only that, studies show the flu tends to hit pregnant women harder than many other demographics. What’s a mom-to-be to do?

How to handle postpartum depression

The “baby blues” and postpartum depression affect many mothers, but it’s a subject that hasn’t received a lot of attention until recent years. This post at the Pregnant Chicken delves into the topic with detail from someone who’s experienced the psychological pain it brings. Many symptoms mirror regular depression, such as overwhelming sadness and anxiety, […]