17 natural methods to increase your fertility

Sometimes even if you’re mentally willing to have a baby, your body doesn’t want to cooperate. Many women opt for fertility treatments and hormone therapy, but there are a variety of natural options to consider first. This article from Mama Natural describes 17 things you can do to help increase your chances of conception. Read […]

Mother of twelve offers valuable parenting advice

If you think you have your hands full with your kid(s), imagine raising twelve of them! Varda Epstein has a lot of experience, and she’s shared some wonderful words of wisdom for all mothers out there in this post at the Baby Center! You’ll read how it doesn’t really matter how your dress your child, […]

New in-vitro fertilization technique makes a baby with three parents

Recently a controversial in-vitro fertilization technique has been approved in the UK that allows babies to be born with DNA from three parents in order to avoid passing down inheritable mitochondrial diseases. The babies born carry DNA from a second female in addition to the father and mother. The procedure is an option for women […]