Dealing With a Food-Shaming Husband

Having a baby is stressful. Not only are you left with a helpless bundle of joy to look after, but you also have to deal with the cellulite and baby weight. Unless you’re superwoman, getting back in shape takes a lot of time, energy, and willpower. If your partner is pushing you to do things (or not do things) in a way that’s uncomfortable for you, it’s time to have a serious talk.


With the year coming to a close, we begin to look back at what we have accomplished throughout the year and figure out if we did all that we wanted to. This comes with heavy thinking, reminisce, and sometimes regret. We do not want to dwell on the negatives when doing this, only the positives. […]

Family Bonding

From spending a day ice skating to sitting in front of a fire sipping on hot coco, each day brings a new and exciting adventure as the season comes to a close. Now that we are coming down to the last few days of the year, we want to make them as memorable as we can. […]

Angry teenagers, Oh My!

As a child turns into a teenager, everything seems to flip 360 degrees. They become angrier; they begin to think that they’re always right, but worst of all: you don’t know how to approach this sudden change. Simply saying the word “no” can cause an argument that can be avoided when your child knows that […]

30,000 feet in the air, fly a family trip like you just don’t care!

You’re at the airport. You’re happy to know you’re finally going on that airplane trip you’ve been planning all year long for the coming holidays. You slaved over hours of over-time and putting away extra cash to make sure your children get the best possible experience you can afford, and then suddenly… Little Johnny forgot […]

Rainy Day, Dream Away

Endless hours seem spent indoors on a rainy day. The clamoring of restless children’s footsteps running throughout the house can leave you wanting a solution to their abundant energy, and you wish to simply take them to the park! A creative mom knows what to do best, and expending their energy you shall. Try connecting […]