DIY Toddler Painting Idea

There’s nothing like a pretty piece artwork to brighten up a room. Why bother buying an expensive painting when you’ve got a little artist in your home already? Kids love to play with paint (and get it everywhere), so strip your toddler down to his diaper, lay some newspaper or plastic on the floor, and let him paint you a masterpiece!

Transform an unused closet into a cool kid’s clubhouse

Kids love to play, there’s no question about that. When you have kids your entire house is a playground and toys are liable to wind up in every room. While there’s not much you can do about that (aside from constantly picking things up), having a designated play space is a great idea. If you have an unused closet, you can gut it and turn it into a super cool club house for your kids!

Feed your family healthy with smoothies!

If you’re looking for a super easy way to eat healthy, it’s hard to beat a smoothie. They’re great for the whole family! This article at Green and Clean Mom features 25 different smoothie recipes you can make at home. You’ll find recipes that feature all kinds of healthy fruits, vegetables, yogurt and more! Read […]

Don’t let your vacation ruin your family’s healthy eating habits

You can be the best parent with the healthiest practices at home, but when you go on vacation the temptation to splurge can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to food. Eating healthy while on vacation doesn’t have to be a lost cause. These tips from Product Review Mom are sure to help you keep everyone under control.

Get active and stay healthy with your family

When you have kids, your life changes in monumental ways. Remember all that free time you used to have? Now that’s filled with feeding babies, cleaning, cooking and all the other joys of a domestic life. How do you find time for things like exercise? How do you make sure you and your family stay healthy? Since chasing your toddler around the house doesn’t quite cut it, I have a few tips for you.