A C-Section Birth is Still a Birth

How do you define giving birth? That’s what the argument comes down to for those who say having a baby via c-section doesn’t count as a real birth. Most women want to have a baby the natural way, and it’s true that c-sections are often done more often than necessary, but birthing a child is traumatic and amazing no matter what method they come into the world.

The first meal after having a baby is the BEST

Having a baby can really work up an appetite! Labor is intense, and after working hard to bring new life into the world, moms deserve to have their cake and eat it too! Also, replace cake with “whatever the heck she wants!” This fun feature from the Baby Center shares many mothers’ first postpartum meals. […]

Is a Cesarean Section Really Necessary?

Most women want to have a natural childbirth. After all, it’s what our bodies are meant to do. Sometimes complications arrive that make a cesarean section necessary for both our health and our baby’s, but not every cesarean is an emergency and there’s growing concern that they’re being performed more often than they should be.

How to Have the Most Natural C-Section Possible

Learning that you’re going to need a cesarean section when you were hoping for a natural childbirth can be devastating, not to mention scary. If you’re pregnant now and you’re focused on doing things as naturally as possible, it may be worth looking into the “gentle cesarean” birth method, just in case unforeseen complications arise.