How to keep baby safe in your home

As a parent, the safety of your baby is your primary concern. Baby-proofing your house becomes necessary as your youngster becomes able to crawl around. This article from Frugally Green Mom highlights a few things you should address to keep baby safe. Baby gates will help keep junior from exploring dangerous staircases and other unsafe […]

Are You Car Seat Savvy?

Car seats are necessary, if somewhat annoying, baby items that evolve as your child grows. You might feel comfortable in your routine, but the industry has evolved over the years. You want to do all you can to keep your most precious cargo safe, but you could be making some serious mistakes when it comes to your car seat. The manual, expiration date, and age rules are there for a reason!

The dangers of children’s toothpaste

Traditionally consumers have had a lot of trust in product regulations that determine what goes on store shelves, but now people are more aware of what actually goes into the things we use and consume and are realizing they’re not as safe as we thought. As a mom it’s especially important to monitor labels and know exactly what’s in food and products our children use, and unfortunately many toothpastes targeted toward kids could be toxic and dangerous.

Is Babywearing Right for Me?

Babywearing isn’t just a new parenting fad. People having been carrying their children close to them for centuries and continue to do so around the world. Baby carrying also has a variety of benefits for you and your child. While there can be a learning curve when first starting out, there are a few different babywearing options you can test to find one that works for you.

Baby-proof your home to keep kids safe

We baby-proof our homes for one reason: safety. We want to keep our children safe from our things, and our things safe from our children. There are many hazards in the home dangerous for kids. Viva Veltoro has a great article and checklist to make sure your home is safe for your little ones.

Nationwide’s Commercial Controversy

If you watched the Super Bowl on Sunday or you’ve been on Internet news sites since, you’ve probably seen the jarring commercial put out by Nationwide Insurance. While many believe the commercial was in very poor taste, the company is doing exactly what it set out to do – start a conversation about home safety.