Where to find larger sized nursing bras

If you’re a large-chested lady, finding regular bras can be difficult, let alone nursing bras! Lucky for you this post at the Pregnant Chicken has a fantastic list of a variety of companies that cater to women of ample proportions. Many of the bras are also stylish and pretty, though function and comfort obviously take […]

Baby item discounts to watch for this month

Looking for some great deals on baby items like clothing and toys? How about discounts on things like photo printing? Check out this list at Baby Cheapskate that forecasts possible sales to keep an eye out for this February. This is also the time of year when consignment shops are interested in buying old summer […]

Moms appreciate the little things

Kids are great, but raising children can be really stressful and that has moms appreciating little joys that other people take for granted. If you look forward to taking a shower as if you haven’t seen one in years, this list is for you! If you have kids, you probably look forward to any day […]

The perfect pillow for nursing moms

Nursing a baby can be very strenuous, and it’s especially hard on your back, neck, and shoulders. Having a way to prop your child up in a more comfortable position can be a life saver, and that’s where nursing pillows come in handy. The Born Free Bliss Nursing Pillow is perfect for the job. It’s […]