Baby socks that stay up – no more cold toes!

Baby’s first year is usually all about budgeting and cutting costs. Since your baby can’t walk, you never need to buy him shoes. Socks, on the other hand, are a priority. Unfortunately many baby socks have a habit of falling off and disappearing. Unlike the others, these adorable socks made by the Cheski Sock Company […]

High quality organic baby food

Beginning the transition to solid foods can be troublesome, especially with a picky baby, and it can be difficult to decide what to try. Beech-Nut baby food is a quality choice. Their cooking process preserves nutrients and does not rely on artificial preservatives. If you’re unable to offer home-cooked fresh foods or you’re simply seeking […]

5 Stylish Eco-Friendly Diaper Bags

There are a lot of great diaper bags on the market, but if you’re interested in green, sustainable products it can be difficult to track down a bag that’s got everything you’re looking for. Your search is over! These bags are so stylish they don’t even look like diaper bags, and they’re made with recycled […]

Products Every First Time Mom Needs on Her Baby Registry

Having a baby is an exciting and scary time. There’s so much to plan and do, it can be very overwhelming. Take baby steps (pun totally intended) and you’ll get through it! Planning a baby registry for your shower is one step that can feel a little overwhelming on its own, but your baby only really needs three things to thrive – food, sleep, and good hygiene.

Get inspired by this super cute, girly nursery design!

Designing a nursery can be really fun, and part of the process is gathering inspiration! This nursery featured at Project Nursery is absolutely adorable. Pretty pastel stripes and shiny metallic butterflies grace the walls, and a glowing bunny night light is the perfect accessory. I love how the thin silver stripes add depth to the […]