Strengthen Bonds This International Day of Families

In case you weren’t aware, May 15 is International Day of Families every year since 1993.  This year, we at Thanks Mama would like to share some of our favorite family strengthening tips and activities for you to consider on this special day.


  • Camping – The snow has finally thawed!  It’s time to dig into that closet and uncover that camping gear.  You can always rent a camper or cabin if you’re too delicate to actually “rough it”, but spending a night or two under the stars eating s’mores after a nice day of hiking and fishing can create some of the most memorable times for a family to look back on.  So set your email autoresponder, leave the phones in the glove box, and enjoy some real quality time with your children on this special weekend.




  • Visit a local fire station– If your kids are anything like ours are (or were when they were little), they’ll love to swing by and see the fire trucks this Family Day.  Many fire stations will arrange time or have set schedules for visiting, but if you live in a smaller town or can plan to see one on the way back from grandma’s house, maybe you’ll get lucky like my boy did last weekend and get to see just how big those trucks really are up close.


  • Baseball or Soccer game – … or any old sporting event really.  These ones tend to be a little more family friendly, however. Watching a sporting event is a fun, casual way to pass the time with some friends and family.  If your kids are young enough, teaching the rules of sports can be one of the easiest, best bonding experiences for a parent and child.  Plus, you can enjoy the game.


  • Volunteer – Taking time out of your busy schedule and donating free time to volunteer for those less fortunate than you is one of the most rewarding things you can do.  Bringing your kids along can start to engender the values in them that are most important.  It’s important to make sure the volunteering environment is safe and appropriate for children, but if you can manage to help out at a soup kitchen for a few hours with the kids this weekend, it may give them something special to reflect on going forward.


  • Explore Local Landmarks – See what’s local.  It can be a good education to get out and check out your local sites.  You might be surprised at the history or science that can be discovered in your town or city.  It’s spring time.  Enjoy the sites available to you.


  • Bicycle Rides – We hope you’re outdoorsy because we’re really driving this theme home in case you hadn’t noticed.  Capitalize on the great weather and dust of the old bikes from the shed.  This is the perfect season for a family bike ride along your favorite trails.  If you’re feeling ambitious and have the transportation rig, combine this activity with camping and double down on the outdoor adventuring.



So there are a few of our favorite activities to strengthen your familial bonding this International Day of Families.  There are obviously many more options out there, like playing games, baking, potlucks and more, but we’d like to hear your ideas in the comments if you’ve got them.  Happy International Day of Families everyone!

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