Spring Cleaning Au Naturel


Scrubbing the day away, toiling at the toilet seat, scraping off grime and grease off of sinks – not how you imagined spending that quiet Saturday afternoon.

But it’s even worse when you’re using chemicals that contain formaldehyde (spray and wick deodorizers), petroleum solvents (floor cleaners), or chlorinated phenols (toilet bowl cleaner) – these chemicals are known carcinogens and a toxic enemy to respiratory and circulatory systems. Yikes!

What if there’s an alternative way to rubbing out these nasty cleaners, and in turn, preserving your health and boosting your sense of freedom from industrial cleaners?

With a little bit of home economics, harmless (and simple) chemistry know-how, and elbow grease – this is all possible with a few simple, attainable, and very friendly chemicals.

Baking soda is your friend! It will neutralize the smell of your laundry by adding a scoopful, or try using it in your refrigerator for those unwanted odors.

White Vinegar and lime juice will dissolve build-up and remove dirt from wood surfaces.

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