Simplify Your Gift Ideas

Tired of the words “shopping” and “deals” yet? Hopefully you’re done with your Christmas shopping, what with Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us. But if you’re one of the brave few who love to shop till they drop, maybe toning down those expensive gifts can be a god-send, for both your peace of mind and your wallet.

Homemade gifts will always be the golden rule of thumb in gift giving! They’re original, thoughtful, and full of your tender love and care. But what if you’re unsure of what to give? Here’s a suggestion: make your own home-made vanilla extract to give out to neighbors. Or how about whipping up some delicious Julekake (Norwegian Christmas bread) and share it with your friends? Imagine the aromas and fragrances that will permeate the air of your home, accenting your Christmas décor and Toni Braxton’s “The Christmas Song” playing in the background. Oh, the joy and warmth of giving!

Consider giving your spouse an intangible gift, one that can boost your relationship in a positive way. Dare I say it?

Spread the cheer with more intimate, yet thoughtful, gift ideas: Simple Gift Ideas to Share with All.

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