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Healthy ideas for your tax refund

It’s a rare person who enjoys doing taxes, but come refund time you’ll be glad you did! You might be planning to use yours for a vacation or maybe you’re saving up for something special, but consider putting some of that money toward promoting health and wellness for your family this year!

How to deal with cloth diaper leaks

Cloth diapers are wonderful creations that have come a long way since our parents were raising us. However, no diaper is perfect. If you’re experiencing leaks with your cloth diapers there are a few things you can do to prevent accidents in the future.

Cute, classic Southern-style baby clothes

One fun parent perk is being able to dress your kids in super cute clothes before they’re old enough to know the difference! If you like the old timey, Southern look you’ll love the clothes featured in this blog post from Fresh Mom. The bonnets are extra adorable! Feltman Brothers is known for their long-lasting