Saving Money as a Busy Mom

Raising children is super expensive, and there’s no way around that. However, saving money doesn’t have to be a chore. Sometimes little things can make a huge difference. Taking advantage of coupons and sales, rewards programs, carpooling, using efficient lighting, and packing lunches will leave more money in your pocket (and in your savings account!).

Cutting coupons has never been easier with the Internet in front of you. You can find coupons not just for food, but for all kinds of household products. Also make sure to take advantage of sales on things you buy frequently and stock up when they happen to save you money over time. Earning rewards points from your favorite merchants can lead to discounts and free stuff too.

Carpooling whenever possible not only cuts down on the money you’re spending in gas, but also reduces your carbon footprint. On that same note, make sure the lighting in your home is efficient with compact fluorescent bulbs, and keep them (and your air-conditioning filters) clean.

Packing lunches instead of eating out will also save you a ton of cash, and will likely be healthier too!

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