Products Every First Time Mom Needs on Her Baby Registry

Having a baby is an exciting and scary time. There’s so much to plan and do, it can be very overwhelming. Take baby steps (pun totally intended) and you’ll get through it! Planning a baby registry for your shower is one step that can feel a little overwhelming on its own, but your baby only really needs three things to thrive – food, sleep, and good hygiene.

This helpful article from the Baby Center highlights a bunch of useful baby items that will aid in feeding and cleaning your baby, as well as comfy products for sleep time.

You’ll need diapers and wipes of course (go cloth!), and maybe some diaper rash cream just in case. If you’re planning to breastfeed you’ll need a good pump and some soothing gel pads, as well as easy access breastfeeding clothing. Your baby will appreciate cozy pajamas to sleep in, and a baby monitor is super helpful so you can still get things done while baby sleeps.

You’ll want to add some other fun stuff and helpful items like a car seat and stroller too, but you can’t go wrong starting with the basics!

For these and more ideas, read the full article here: Creating your new baby registry is as easy as 1-2-3

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