Powerful Photo Series Shows Girls Can Do and Be Anything


Girls are subject to constant pressure to act, dress, and be a certain way. The media is a reflection of the society we live in and is mostly to blame, but some creative minds are seeking to dissolve the gender stereotypes and proclaim that girls can be and do whatever they want to, whether that’s wearing a pretty dress or riding a skateboard!

Photographer Kate T. Parker is a mother of two girls, and they were her inspiration in creating the photo series “Strong is the New Pretty.” The black and white photos embody so much of what makes girls who they are. Some show their tough side, like a group of girls on a sports team with black paint under their eyes. Others show them just being kids, playing outside or talking into a huge fan.

Kate wanted to show that girls don’t have to fit any particular mold and that they’re enough as they are. Girls don’t have to be perfect princesses and they don’t have to be tough tomboys, unless that’s what they want to be.

See the photos and read the full article here: Strong is the new pretty: Photos show the secret side of girls

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