The Perfect Pacifier

It starts. The crying. You’re a new parent and you don’t know what do to. They don’t need to be changed, they aren’t hungry, there’s no fever or anything. Music isn’t working. TV isn’t working. The toys, the stroller- nothing is working. You kid won’t stop crying. Then it hits you. There’s something designed specifically for this- the pacifier.

Pacifiers are absolute necessities. They help calm you kids down when nothing else works, but how do you find the perfect pacifier?

First you need to find one with a symmetrical orthodontic nipple. Why? It’s been proven by a number of studies that babies will accept this kind of pacifier much more readily than any other, which is good news for you and them. Always check the recommended age for pacifiers as well, this is incredibly important. There are often design features made for you baby at the specific developmental period they are in, air hole, for example that infants need. Also, look out for pacifiers that can be used in different situations. Yes, there are night time specific pacifiers.

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