To Pack Or Not To Pack, The Lunch Question

School lunches have gotten a lot of flak over the past few years, especially after pizza was considered a vegetable (seriously, look it up). But after a pretty major study was done, it turns out that packed lunches- even when the parents thought they’d packed healthy- tend to be filled with more sugars and fats and less nutritious foods overall.

At first this may seem like a win for school lunches, until you factor in another variable that doesn’t really need a study. How much of the healthy food provided is thrown away? Well, if you’ve ever seen a cafeteria then you’d know- a lot of that ends up in the trash.

So what’s the solution? Well, one way to pack a healthier lunch. Kids are more likely (still not perfect) to eat what you give them over what the school does. The other solution is to try to support healthy eating habits at home so your children will take it with therm wherever they go. It’s tough, but when you’re not around, they might not eat the way you want them too. Read more here: School Or Packed Lunch?

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