New TLC Show Plays Games For Prizes During Labor

The Learning Channel (TLC) has been filming mothers for many years, including women who didn’t know they were pregnant, the emotional process of childbirth, and what it’s like raising a huge family. Now they’re at it again with a crazy new game show – Labor Games!

Couples team up to answer questions and play silly games to win prizes while they wait for baby to arrive, sometimes pausing the action for contractions and general updates on the labor process. Two videos featured at Baby Center give an overview and example of what happens on the show, including a baby food taste test game.

It’s kind of ridiculous, but fun too. If you’re currently expecting, is this something you’d be up for? Labor can go on for many boring, tedious hours, so a game show might be just the thing you need to liven things up! You can’t deny it’d be a memorable experience!

See the videos and read the full article here: Would you take part in a game show while in labor?

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