Money-saving tips for baby’s first year

Babies bring a lot of new expenses to a family. On average, parents spend roughly $13,000 on their child during their first year, and they often don’t even realize it. Luckily there are a variety of ways you can save money and still cover all your baby’s needs.

For starters, breastfeeding is much less expensive than formula feeding. In fact, it’s practically free (outside of the breast pump and perhaps a couple bottles for those times you can’t nurse – but those are tax-deductible!). Also, using cloth diapers and reusable wipes can save you a ton of money over time, even if they cost more up front.

You should also ask yourself this: Does my baby absolutely need all new clothes, crib, toys, and equipment? Baby items are easy to find used and in great shape if you’re willing to spend a little time looking, and that will definitely save you cash!

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