Moms Need to Make Personal Time a Priority


When you become a mother, your body is no longer just your own. Another little human being you created needs your near constant love, attention and affection, and that includes a lot of physical contact. Your partner wants your love as well, and you really want some time alone. Motherhood is all about priorities.

In this excellent article from Babble, Anna Lind Thomas shares some of her experiences as a new mom with humor and heart. She’s found that at the end of a long day providing for her family, she needs 20 minutes all to herself.

Your baby’s needs are your biggest priority, but your personal health and sanity are a close second! Have your partner watch the baby while you shower or take a little time for yourself. If you can’t recharge your batteries, you’re going to run out of juice!

Read the full article here: I Just Need 20 Minutes Where Nobody Is Touching Me

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