Mile high child: Surprise baby born on airplane!


Birth can happen anywhere at any time, with labor beginning often unexpectedly and sometimes in a very inconvenient place. Of course, if you don’t know you’re pregnant, labor is always unexpected! That’s the surprising situation Ada Guan found herself in when she gave birth on a plane headed toward Tokyo!

Ada and her boyfriend were on their way from Canada to Japan for a vacation when she began having stomach pain. She was bumped up to business class, but it soon became apparent she was in labor. She delivered a beautiful baby girl with the help of a doctor that happened to be aboard the plane. Everyone cheered!

While very uncommon, surprise births and symptomless pregnancies can and do occur.

Talk about a memorable vacation! I wonder if the airline charged them an extra seat.

Read the full article here: This woman gave birth inside the plane. Surprisingly, she didn’t even know she’s pregnant

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