Making peace with your post-baby body

When you grow a baby inside you, your body changes. Getting your body back to the way it was before childbirth may or may not be possible. Stretchmarks fade, but they never fully disappear, and that has some women disgusted with their bodies. Stop beating yourself up – you can feel beautiful again!

Acceptance is the key to happiness. That’s why many mothers will tell you that stretchmarks are badges of honor, a symbol of the struggle you went through to bring your child into this world. Nothing will make them go away – they’re just our skin’s reaction to stress, and a normal part of being human.

Our thoughts, interests, likes and dislikes change as we grow older, as do our bodies. Accept that these changes are happening and love yourself despite your flaws. We’re our own worst critics, and beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. What means more – the thoughts and feelings of your friends and family, or a society that values unrealistic ideals?

I know for sure your baby doesn’t care.

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