Make Time for Yourself

There is a time to work, a time to breathe, and a time to reflect. We all lead busy lives, and this season is no exception. Have I the time to prepare a nice dinner for my family? What will I be occupied with tomorrow?

Time will laugh at us again, and again, and slap our hands and say “No, sorry, you can’t get back those last few seconds you spent idle on Facebook.” Time is more precious than all the gold in the world.

But do we make time to shed our old selves? As creatures of figuring out who we are, and deep labyrinths of introspective thought, our insights shape us to molt our old self of yesteryear, and like a phoenix, we become anew. This is how our brains are trained, to adapt and reshape its attitude on the world.

A mother unravels her mind and reviews to us her goals, despite writing a book and spending time with her family, she has the will power to chunk the inner-abstractness of her thoughts into tangible, workable, and reasonable goals. Goals such as: personal goals, marriage goals, and business goals.

Reading her blog also gave me insight into my own life. I, too, struggle with time and I will opt to make a list of goals to accomplish. These goals may be simple, but they certainly give us the much needed time to ourselves, and a time to question and make decisions that will be our own guide.

What goals do you have for you? Allow yourself a few minutes, and try to write down at least 3 personal goals you want to achieve: It’s Goal Time

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