Is a Cesarean Section Really Necessary?

Most women want to have a natural childbirth. After all, it’s what our bodies are meant to do. Sometimes complications arrive that make a cesarean section necessary for both our health and our baby’s, but not every cesarean is an emergency and there’s growing concern that they’re being performed more often than they should be.

This article from the Baby Center discusses how you can avoid going under the knife unnecessarily. First you need to educate yourself on what constitutes an emergency so you know when the time comes whether or not your childbirth fits the category. There’s a lot of grey area, and some doctors are quicker to jump to cesarean section than others.

Being in labor “too long” isn’t really a good reason to opt for a cesarean section. Of course everyone is going to be exhausted (especially you!), but there could be more risks associated with the surgery than just waiting it out and letting nature do her thing. Unless it’s a true emergency, don’t be afraid to stand your ground!

Read the full article here: How to avoid a cesarean that you don’t want?

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