Incredible! Baby Boy Found Alive After Nepal Earthquake


Nepal experienced a great tragedy on April 25th when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook homes to the ground, leaving thousands dead and more injured. Incredibly, a four month old baby boy was located by soldiers and rescued from the wreckage after being buried for 22 hours.

The baby boy was covered in dust and dirt, but otherwise unharmed. He’s being called a miracle baby, though it also goes to show just how tough infants can be. Apparently the soldiers were unable to get him out after he was first discovered and had to come back in the morning. They located him by his soft cries.

Surrounded by destruction and death, the baby no doubt served as a beacon of hope for the soldiers and survivors of the earthquake. The article linked below says the parents were not yet located, but other information provided by the original source ( reported they have been reunited!

See the photos and read the full article here: Photos: Miracle baby found alive in Nepal earthquake rubble

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