How You Know You’re a Millennial Mom

Millennials have officially passed up Baby Boomers as the largest living generation. If you were born between 1980 and 2000, you’re part of the group. We’re known for being savvy with technology and focused on sustainable living, and we’re even changing the parenting landscape.

This entertaining article from the Baby Center features 12 reasons you might be a Millennial mom (or at least act like one). Is your home full of healthy, locally sourced food? Are you enjoying the nostalgic comeback of 90s toys and shows? You’re probably a Millennial!

If you have a smart phone, it’s probably loaded with pregnancy and baby related apps and you get a lot of your parenting information from the Internet rather than books and magazines. You also have probably had to explain new information to older adults (like your parents) that’s contrary to what they learned.

Millennial moms are also happy to share their pregnancy and their baby’s progress over social media channels, and we appreciate and use all kinds of digital services like Pinterest, Amazon, and Netflix as part of our daily lives!

Read the full article here: You know you’re a Millennial mom if…

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