How to teach your kids to be good people

Every parent wants their kids to grow up to be kind, good-natured adults. Kids are pretty selfish though. Maybe it’s a survival instinct, some biological need to look out for me, myself and I. In any case, if you want your kids to be altruistic it should be taught from a young age.

This post at The Nap Time Reviewer features four easy ways you can teach your children how to do good things for others and care about their community. You can donate old and unused items to friends or thrift shops, or charitable organizations. Find ways to volunteer your time to a worthy cause in a demonstration of active compassion.

You could get crafty together and make some home-made gifts for friends and family, or sell them and donate the funds. Just being an active part of the community and engaging with your neighbors goes a long way to building a caring lifestyle.

Read the full article here: How to Get Your Kids Interested in Doing Good

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