How to Survive the First Month of Motherhood

The first few weeks after birth can be pretty crazy. Your whole world changes when you have a baby, and as a first time mother you might be very unsure of yourself. It’s a stressful time! It’s important to prepare as much as you can, and never be afraid to ask for help.

This article from Viva Veltoro lists eight helpful tips to help new moms get through the first month of motherhood and on into the future. You should have everything organized for the baby a good while before your due date with washed linens, clothes, and diapers ready.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself, too. Have some products on hand to help ease postpartum soreness. Witch hazel and peri-care bottles help, and soft toilet paper is a must!

You’re also going to be hormonal and emotional and you should never be afraid to reach out for advice or assistance. Other mothers who have been where you are can help a lot.

Read the full article here: 8 Tips for new moms to survive those first few weeks

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