How to Make Time for Intimacy When You Have Kids

Your world gets flipped upside down and tossed around a bit once kids enter the picture, and for many couples sex takes a back seat to other responsibilities – but it doesn’t have to! Sex is an important part of life, and you shouldn’t be denying your need for intimacy with your partner.

This article from the Baby Center has some great tips on how to make time for good loving. When all you have is a baby or toddler, do your thing wherever! The baby isn’t going to know what’s going on. You’ve got all the freedom in the world! When they’re a little older you can keep them occupied with some screen time and a snack while you slip away to the bedroom.

Then there’s this really silly video…

Some nights you’re bound to be too tired for a romp between the sheets, but it’s a good idea to schedule time together when you can, even if you have to hire a sitter for a night!

Read the full article here: How do you get “mommy and daddy” time?

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