How to Have the Most Natural C-Section Possible

Learning that you’re going to need a cesarean section when you were hoping for a natural childbirth can be devastating, not to mention scary. If you’re pregnant now and you’re focused on doing things as naturally as possible, it may be worth looking into the “gentle cesarean” birth method, just in case unforeseen complications arise.

A gentle cesarean, also called a family-centered birth, is focused on creating a calm atmosphere and making the unnatural birth as natural as possible. Sometimes during a cesarean, mom is completely unconscious and strapped down, unable to touch her baby for hours. Gentle cesareans seek to avoid such trauma.

You can request fewer drugs so you don’t fall asleep, and you can even watch the birth through a clear drape if you like. Your baby is given to you or a family member to hold right away, and you can request he be given a vaginal swab to help build a healthy microbiome.

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