How to Get Your Kids Excited for Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up soon (April 22nd), and it’s the perfect opportunity to get your kids interested in helping and appreciating this big spinning rock we call home. Kids of all ages will enjoy these fun hands-on activities and learn something, too!

Simple craft projects like a finger print painted globe is perfect for little hands, and what kid doesn’t like getting a little messy? You and your kids could turn recycled materials into art, such as a cute egg carton tree to hang on the wall.

For something more out of doors, go on a “color walk” with your kids. Have them pick ten of their favorite colors (make sure to write them down, or draw circles with crayons) and go for a nature walk to try and find them. You could also plant a pretty flower garden that will attract bees, and explain to your kids how important they are to life as we know it.

For these and more ideas, read the full article here: Fun and Educational Earth Day Activities for Kids

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