How to deal with cloth diaper leaks


Cloth diapers are wonderful creations that have come a long way since our parents were raising us. However, no diaper is perfect. If you’re experiencing leaks with your cloth diapers there are a few things you can do to prevent accidents in the future.

For example, if your cloth diapers have fleece liners, that could be the problem. Fleece repels liquid unless there is enough body pressure to force it through the lining. If your baby is very young or wearing diapers that are too large, the fleece can cause it to leak. Natural fibers such as hemp or artificial fibers like wicking jersey can be used as a liner until your baby is bigger and able to sit up on his own.

Another problem with some natural fiber diapers is a tendency for the inner cotton liner can roll outward around your baby’s legs. There, the wetness can seep into your baby’s clothes. The only prevention for this is to be aware of the tendency and roll the diaper the right way if you notice it.

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