How to Convince Your Child to Eat Healthy Food

Kids can be extremely picky eaters. Once they discover the joys of sugar, the joys of vegetables are far less appetizing. Getting your toddlers to eat the healthy, fiber-filled and nutrient rich foods they need is challenging, but these clever tips from Megan P. at Viva Veltoro will have your kids devouring wheat germ and beets like they’re candy.

If your child is having trouble going number two, prunes are an easy fix. Your kid is probably already a fan of raisins, so you can use the prune’s appearance to your advantage and tell them a fun story about how you came across “giant raisins.”

Wheat germ is probably the worst name for a food ever, but when added to slippery fruits it makes them easier for kids to hold and adds extra nutrients. Get your kids on board by giving the substance a new name. Just like how prunes became giant raisins, wheat germ is now “magic sprinkles.”

Kids love food shaped like things, so cutting beets into heart shapes or filling a bear-shaped cookie cutter with refried beans are fun ways to get kids excited about food they might otherwise shy away from.

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